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There’s a place in the Venice lagoon that is famous worldwide for its brightly coloured fishermen’s houses, its beautiful handmade lace and its delicious typical cakes and biscuits: the island of Burano. It was here that Antonio Palmisano, together with his stepfather Candido, in 1926 set up an oven to which the women brought the wonderfully fragrant “bussolà” - a ring cake made with flour, sugar, butter and egg yolks - to be cooked for Easter, or the “essi” biscuits prepared with the same mix but shaped like an “S”, as well as other specialties traditionally made on Burano and in the Venetian area. Palmisano: a sweet history that has been on-going, day after day, for 95 years.


Apricot Bussolai
Traditional Venetian product

Simple, sweet-smelling doughnuts made of a rich and consistent dough of egg yolks, butter, sugar and flour. Originally, they were prepared in the houses of the island of Burano only at Easter time and kept for a long time. Today, however, they can be found throughout the year and it is customary to eat them at the end of a meal together with excellent dessert wines such as vin santo or zibibbo.

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BISCUIT: type "0" soft WHEAT flour, sugar, BUTTER (13%), pasteurised EGG yolk, pasteurised EGGS, vanillin, flavourings.

FILLING (25%): semi-finished apricot [apricot puree (40%), glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, stabiliser: glycerine, dextrose, gelling agent: pectin, acidifier: citric acid, flavourings, acidity regulator: malic acid]. 


Produced and packed by / Produced and packed by

Dolci Palmisano S.r.l.

Via San Martino SX, 668 - 30142 Burano (VE) Italy

in the artisan workshop in / in

Via E. Bugatti, 32 - 30016 Jesolo (VE) Italy


Average Nutritional Values 100g

Energy value: 1940 kJ - 462 kcal

Fats: 15.6g

Of which saturated fatty acids: 7,8g

Carbohydrates: 73.4g

*of which sugars: 40.7g

*of which polyols: 3.2g

Fibre: 0.6g

Protein: 6.6g

Salt: 0.03g

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