The search for wholesomeness, wellbeing and equilibrium

Palmisano is recognised as a firm of excellence in the Italian confectionery sphere and they are expert in keeping abreast of today’s global food culture, offering specialties which are a blend of tradition, innovation, pleasure and wellbeing.

The company’s mission starts with the painstaking selection of completely natural, quality ingredients, having first carefully selected the suppliers with whom a true relationship of trust and cooperation is gradually built up. Then artisan skills and in-depth knowledge of the production process come into play, while ensuring that the process is also compliant with the most stringent international certification requirements. The final stage consists of direct contact with clients and with the food sectors, also helped by taking part in the most important specialised trade fairs both in Italy and abroad.

Palmisano never loses sight of its origins as a small confectionery workshop on the island of Burano, where it first used to bake the typical traditional cakes and biscuits. At the same time, however, it invests considerable resources in research, also working together with specialised institutes and universities to develop modern products for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

Gluten-free specialties with no added yeast or preservatives for those who want to enjoy something sweet without having to worry – “Senza Pensieri” (Carefree). Products with a high protein content and a low carbohydrate and fat content, ideal for anyone seeking a forward-thinking diet and for all sportsmen and women, as testified to by the company’s years of sponsorship of the Venice Marathon: a tradition within the tradition of Palmisano. Experiments are also carried out on selected natural ingredients with a high nutritional value with a view to shaping the future of confectionery.


Thanks to the contribution of Camera di Commercio di Venezia in the context of Notice of Expo 2015.